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Friday, July 21, 2006

Funny Friday

Both Dads arrived at 7.00 and rode us in the school whilst it was still cool. Dad had arranged a lesson later in the day and so rode me mostly only in walk, which made a nice change. We loosened up on a long rein both ways for a while and then on a shorter contact with lots of flexions, halt transitions, leg-yield and shoulder-in. Dad practiced breathing, relaxation and soft eyes - as in Sally Swift - and also rode for a long time without stirrups. At the very end we trotted a few circuits again on a long rein and went in after 40 minutes or so.

We were put out to graze whilst Dad put up our beds. The lesson was then cancelled since teacher Steve was unavailable following a fall and we stayed out in the field until about 3.00. Dad brought us in a hosed us down to cool off. We were allowed to do mutual grooming in the washbox before being tidied up, put in our stable and given tea. Although I like my lessons, I was a little relieved to miss out on such a hot afternoon - over 28 degrees and humid. To extend the meteorological metaphor, cobs firmly believe every cloud has a minty lining


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