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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Day-off for the Horse Trials

Both Dads had agreed to be dressage writers in the pre-novice section at the Blue Chip Horse Trials at Solihull Riding Club today, so Dibby and I enjoyed a day off. Dad was writing from 10.30 and other Dad from1.30, so Other Dad put us out in the morning and and Dad brought us in at about 4.30.

During the day, we had been seen running around the field and Dibby was thought to be lame, but Dad ran him up when he returned and found he seemed to be sound. He then brought us in to stand by our stables with haylage whilst he dealt with them. Other Dad also walked and trotted him up to check when he came back and found him OK too.

We were groomed and put in our stables with tea after a lazy day. I expect we will make up for it in the week. It was nice to watch Dad preparing my stable and to be made a fuss of with mints and an apple. Although it's shymaking, cobs enjoy that sort of thing.


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