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Monday, August 14, 2006

The second reiki

Sara the reiki pratitioner was due to vist the yard again this morning. Both Dads rode at10.00. We practised in my snaffle in the school and ran thorugh Prelim 1 and the Classical Riding Club Walk and Trot several times. Dad wasn'tvery happy with my lack of roundness and we went in after an hour or so, to be hosed down and put out to graze.

Sara saw Bailey, Jack, Izzy and Bonnie and then Dibbs in the afternoon. It was very interesting and covered past life and his current joint problems. I am due to see Sara later in August.

Once they had finished Dibbs joined me outside and Dad continued with the stables.We came in at 5.30 for grooming and tea.Hopefully Dibby will benefit from the reiki treatment and it will add to his current recovery. As well as being sensible, cobs are normally good healers.


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