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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dressage Day

Today the yard was due to host the Stoneleigh Riding Club dressage which would include Prelims 1 and 13, Novice 21 and Elementary 41. Dibbs and I were entered for Prelim1. This would be my second Prelim test in a snaffle and Dibbs second test since his joint treatment.

Dad came at 8.00 and groomed me and tacked me up. He then put on his black jacket, best hat, boots and breeches and took me to warm up in the school by 8.30 or so for a 9.11 test. The test went quite well except that I struck off on the wrong leg in canter and had to be corrected. We achieved 57% or so which wasn't in the rosettes by quite along way in a field of 16 but Dad was reasonably happy.

Dibbs test went well and earned a score of around 66% and a second place rosette. Other Dad was delighted wih this result.

Dad attended to our stables and watched the other competitions on and off and brought us in at 5.00 for grooming and tea. I enjoy competing but can live without a red rosette. Generally cobs are happy to participate and don't have a fixation with winning; for Dad and me, perhaps this is just as well.


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