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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thunder and lightning

Storms were forecast for today, so Dad came to ride early. We went in the school in my snaffle and worked in walk, trot and canter for half an hour concentrating on roundness and straightness. A large digger was transferring the muck heap in to a waggon with a tractor, so Dad erred on the side of caution and we worked at the far end of the school. We went in and I was hosed down and put out to graze. Dibbs joined me after about twenty minutes.

After an hour or so a strong thunderstorm broke out with torrential rain, lightning and loud thunder. At the worst of the storm Dibbs and I stood in the corner of our field where it intersects two others, right next to Jack in the starvation paddock and Edward in another field. We all felt safer together. Dibbs still managed to keep on eating most of the time. It was a shame for Cricket since he was in another field on his own and was very worried, but was brought in rather quickly by Di.

We were then brought in for safety's sake by Both Dads and stood by our stables with a haylage net whilst they were finished off. We were then put in early with snack and both Dads went home for an hour before coming back to skip us out, top up our water and haylage and give us tea proper. The storms carried on into the evening on and off.

The big advantage today was having one and a half teas. Cobs do like to accentuate the positive.


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