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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hot and steamy

After another humid night, Other Dad came down early to top up our haylage and Dad arrived at 10.15. By then it was already hot. We worked in my snaffle and ran through the Walk and Trot test in readiness for tomorrow. Dad found me more resistant in my neck than was ideal during our rehersals, which he found disappointing, but I eventually softened. He decided to leave it at that, but isn't very optimistic about our prospects for tomorrow - especially after the judging last time.

We were sponged off and put out to graze. Dad put our beds up and went home for an hour. He returned and brought us in at 4.15. We stood outside our stables whilst he put the beds down. We were then groomed and given tea. I guess that wasn't one of my most giving efforts in the heat in the school today, but Dad didn't lose his temper. Like some people, cobs aren't invariably generous.


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