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Friday, July 28, 2006

Back in Friday routine

After yesterday's outing, it was back to routine for a Friday. The hot weather continued and Other Dad put us out to graze at about 8.20. Dad dealt with our stables and brought me in after 2.00 - to give me time to cool down for a lesson at 3.30.

I wore my back exercise bandages, dressage saddle and snaffle for my lesson with Teacher Steve. We went to the far end of the school, supposedly out of the way, but virtually as soon as we had started, someone started jumping a line of fences next to us, so it was rather distracting. Trying to disregard the jumping display and commentary, we worked in walk a lot to increase roundness but walking more actively. This turned ito rather a battle of wills, but following instructions, Dad prevailed in the end. Teacher Steve told Dad how to practice this in our schooling sessions.

We came in. Dad hosed me down and put me in my stable to cool whilst he brushed and rolled my bandages. I could tell he was disturbed by the disruption of our lesson. He gave us our tea with some carrots and an apple each. It had been another long, hot, expensive and not very rewarding day. Even cobs can't always put a positive spin on things.


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