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Monday, July 31, 2006

Walking and halting

After a day-off yesterday, Dad took me in the school mid-morning in my snaffle. We continued our work in walk trying to keep up a steady march. We concentrated on lots of flexions, halt -start transitions, leg yield and shoulder-in with many changes of direction and walk on a long rein. Dad was focussing on breathing, soft eyes, relaxing soulders and keeping heels down. We finished with some upwards transitions to trot and came in without having become overheated.

Dibby was schooled after me and then joined me in the field for a long afternoon grazing. Dad brought us in before the heavy rain started. We were groomed and given tea. Dibby and I prefer it when Both Dads are around; the quality of service deteriorates otherwise. When it comes to their personal comfort cobs are firm believers in maintaining standards.


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