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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday morning schooling

Other Dad came down early and topped up our haylage and Dad arrived after his haircut. He took me in the school in my snaffle bridle to try to reinforce some of the ground we covered in our lesson yesterday.

We worked in walk with even more flexions, halt/walk on transitions and softening and many changes of direction. We focussed particularly on a pacier walk and straightness with some leg yield and shoulder-in to break it up.Towards the end of the session we did upwards transitions to trot and finished off on a long rein. Dad was quite pleased with my roundness. Leo and later Jack also schooled at the same time, which helped me work on my concentration.

We came in and I was sponged dwon and put out to be joined by Dibbs when his hack finished.

We had the afternoon out and came in at 5.00 or so to be groomed and given tea. We were chilled and relaxed. A quiet and pleasant Saturday; a cobby sort of day.


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