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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dressage party at Solihull

Both Dads arrived at the yard before 8.00 and prepared us to go out in our travel boots, tail guards and sweat rugs - red for me and blue for Dibby. We travelled well in our lorry during a downpour of rain and arrived at Solihull Riding Club at about 8.50 by which time it had brightened up.We were both tacked up in our dressage saddles and snaffles and Both Dads changed into boots, breeches, black jackets and hats.

We had plenty of time to warm up in the covered area. Some of the usual suspects wre charging round in canter but we managed to avoid any collisions. Dibby did Prelim 16 on the outdoor rubber surface first. We were anxious to see how he would feel after his recent treatment and were pleased that he was so spritely. He was given 60% which was not exactly generous but the main thing was that he performed without discomfort and enjoyed himself.

We did the Solihull Walk and Trot test indoors. Dad was pleased with the way we warmed up -virtually all in walk and found me quite soft. The judge felt we should have been rounder and gave us 53% or so, but Dad was more than pleased with my behaviour and perfomance.

After some photos we went back to the lorry and were untacked and sponged down. We had an apple and our haylage before being booted up and taken back home.

It was still hot and humid so we were hosed down to cool and put out to graze until 5.00. Dad had prepared our stables and brought us in for a quick groom and our teas. We cobs like to go out and about to parties and to perform, so today pushed all the buttons.


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