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Monday, August 21, 2006

Schooling again

After a lazy Sunday, we went back to schooling this morning. I was in my snaffle and Dad continued to be a little firmer and clearer with me. We worked in walk with lots of halt transitions and lateral work and tried to get rounder and softer and then went up to trot and canter. We practiced Prelims 1 and 18 and walked round with Dibby to cool off.

We were both hosed off and put out to graze for the afternoon.

Dad came back at 4.30 and had intended to leave us out to graze whilst he put don our beds but they wanted to put Vadio out in the field and so we had to be brought in and tid up outsdie our stables with a haynet until they were prepared. We then had tea. Some cobs realise, it's gone full circle now; once horses worked hard for humans for little reward, now it's the other way round.


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