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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


After an easy day yesterday, Dad schooled me this morning. We began with the usual softening exercises - not that I was particularly responsive today. Dad persevered with exercises to get my hind legs under me with lateral work and transitions. We also practised the Solihull Walk and Trot test and, for the first time, the beginning of Prelim 17. We cooled off walking around on a long rein with Dibbs and then went out to graze.

Dad brought me in at 5.00. By then it was rather windy and I decided to get a little silly on the way in - mainly by running around Dad on my lead rope, one way and then the other. In the cartoons he would have spun round like a top or been screwed into the ground, but it wasn't as much fun.

Anyway, he eventually managed to get me in and calmed down. He said I was a tad frisky and needed to get out to a party and wasn't far wrong. I stood outside my stable and watched him put my bed down. Then it was grooming and tea.

You may wonder how a cob manages to have a working knowledge of cartoons, but then cobs are sometimes surprising. My favourite is the road runner...beep, beep.


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