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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hot September

After yesterday off, we resumed schooling. Both Dads were primarily concerned to see if Dibby was more comfortable and steady this morning after having his remedial shoeing removed yesterday. Initially he had ben quite wobbly and stiff but he had been better when walked and trotted-up first thing today and went well in the school .

We concentrated on our homework of getting my hing legs under me and make me go round with lateral exercises-half-halts, leg-yield, shoulder in and lots of transitions. Dibby joined us and we spent most of the session practising this in tandem. We finished with a little sitting and rising trot.

We were out for the aftenoon and came in at 5.00. It was time to be wormed but we were given lots of mints to take away the taste and then tea. Today saw record hot temperatures for September, so we were glad to have been clipped and not worked too hard. Cobs usually count their blessings.


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