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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cob walks on grass

It was a lovely sunny morning with a pleasant breeze and few flies. We went back into the school and practised what we had covered yesterday, but mainly in walk. We did a lot of leg yield and shoulder in, walk-halt transitions and circles pushing the hind legs under to gain roundness.

Dibby joined us and we walked round together doing the same things large and over a pole. We also practised sitting and rising trot on both reins and finished off on a long rein.

Afterwards we walked around the larger field together and looked at the logs laid out for cross country jumps. It must have been a year since I walked on grass other than at Solihull and Dad was very pleased that I didn't get too excited. It was very relaxing in the sunshine.

We went out to graze until 5.oo and then came in for grooming and tea. It's definitely a slow news day when the main item is "Cob walks on grass".


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