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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Call me oblivious

Richard the farrier visited today. Dibby and I waited whilst he dealt with Bailey and then it was my turn. I went out to graze whilst Richard saw Dibby. At the suggestion of Rob, the vet, he shod Dibby as normal without the plastic packing and webbing in his front hooves to enable Both Dads to judge whether it will be necessary for the remedial shoeing to continue. Dibby joined me in the field by 1.15 or so and we had the rest of the afternoon grazing.

We came in at 5.00. Both Dads thought Dibbs looked rather uncomfortable on the turn since his change of front shoes and walked and trotted him up to check. They will see how he is later in the evening and walk and trot him in the school tomorrow morning. If necessary they will consult Rob, the vet about asking the farrier to refit the remedial shoes at the front to make Dibbs more comfortable. I was fairly oblivious to all this since we both had our heads down in the field for most of the afternoon. Being "oblivious" is quite often a cob thing.


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