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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Practising for parties

The dry sunny weather continued into Tuesday and we began the day with more schooling. Dad was feeling a little under the weather and so we worked mainly in walk with some trot at the end.

As before, we worked on obtaining roundness by getting my hind legs under me and moving forward into the bridle: leg-yield, shoulder-in, walk/halt/walk transitions and half halts. By the end of the session I was quite relaxed, soft and round and Dad found I was responding to inside leg into outside hand in walk and some of the time in trot.

We quit whilst we were ahead and, after grooming, some massage and an apple, I went out to graze for the rest of the afternoon. We came in at 5.00 for tea. Whilst I was being groomed I told Dad I'm happy to do all this practising, but do hope it means we get to go out to some parties before it snows.


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