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Monday, September 25, 2006

Halina's second visit

After calling in on their return last night, Both Dads came down quite early this morning. Dad took me in the school and we worked on softness and roundness in walk again with lateral exercises, half-halts, shoulder-in and leg yield. There were some fences out at first and we worked around them doing suppling exercises.

Other Dad came out when he had put Dibby out to graze an watched us for a while and we ran through Prelim 18. We practised canter and I had some fun going up into canter when Dad didn't want me to, but we eventually saw it the same way.

I then went in and ate my haylage watching Dad attending to my stable. I wondered why I wasn't put out to graze straight away and found out why when Halina came to see me at 1.30.

She worked on my neck, back and rump as before and said I had improved since last time. She also gave me ultra sound treatment on one side which tickled but Dad stroked my head and stopped me fidgeting too much. Halina said she was pleased with my progress and that unless I had any new problems she need not see me for a few months - so Dad made an appointment for her to check me and Dibby on 21 December.

I went out with Dibby and Cricket for the afternoon and came in at 4.30. I was put in my stable after grooming and couldn't take part in the evening group lesson with Liz following my treatment. Other Dad was able to join in with Dibby, who kept up with the lesson well, even after having his remedial shoeing removed. He worked very hard and got quite warm and had to be hosed down and put in his sweat rug on his return. Dad put down Dibby's bed whilst the lesson went on and so I had some company whilst I ate my tea plus the odd minty to pass the time.

So that was quite an eventful Monday; it's just as well cobs prefer to be kept busy.


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