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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sunny Saturday

Another dry, warm and sunny day. Other Dad came down early to take off our stable rugs and top up our haylage and both Dads returned after 10.30 to ride.

We worked mainly in walk with Dad concentrating on his position -shoulders back, heels down, leg long, breathing and soft eyes. He tried flexions to the inside but not so as to make me fall in and tried to put on plenty of leg and get me to go into the bridle rather than holding me round with his hand. He also tried to give a little more with his outside hand when taking the inside hand out and down to the knee.

We worked on leg yield and shoulder in and lots of halt/walk transitions with minties as a reward when I got it right, provided I stretched round to get them. We should have done more 50 p piece shapes getting my hind legs to come across under me, as per Liz's lesson but will have to concentrate on that next time.

We finished with a little trotting and canter and walk around with Dibbs on a long rein.

We came in to be hosed down and put out to graze. It was a pleasant afternoon and we came in about 5.00 for grooming and tea. It was a nice summer's day for a cob to remember when it's cold and rainy in March.


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