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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Home and dry

After a couple of days off, it was back to work this morning. I wondered if the weather might intervene and ensure we had another free day, since it poured with rain first thing.

When Dad came at 11.00 it was drizzling but cleared up for an hour or so. We warmed up on a long rein and then with lateral exercises in walk and some trot and canter. A row of trotting poles was laid out in the school and we walked and trotted over them both ways.

Dibby joined me after a while and we walked and trotted together, including over the poles, which was fun. Dad was pleased with my movement and that I became reasonably soft and round in both walk and trot by the end of the session.

We came in and Dad gave me a massage and apple before Dibby and I were put out to graze in our rain sheets. It drizzled a little. We came in at about 4.30 before yet more heavy rain. I was pleased to be in my stable having tea. Cobs understand what it means to be home and dry.


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