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Monday, October 02, 2006

Party pending

First thing this Monday morning Dad and I were back in the school. We warmed up on a long rein, manoeuvring around the jumps still out in the school. We followed the usual pattern with lateral work and transitions but went up into trot earlier than usual and then went back to concentrate on roundness.

We practised the Solihull Walk and Trot test three or so times when I was alittle softer and then tried Prelim 18. My roundness wasn't good but Dad was pleased that I was going forward and met the upwards transitions to canter on the correct leg each time.

We finished on a long rein and went in to be sponged and put out to graze for the afternoon.

Dad brought us in at about 5.00 when it started to rain and I stood by my stable whilst the bed was put down, followed by grooming and tea. It was good to have Both Dads back. Dad says if all goes well we are going to compete at Solihull on Thursday in the Walk and Trot test. Dibby will try the Novice test. We are pleased. Cobs like to have a social engagement to look forward to.


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