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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Dad took me in the school again to practice for our test at Solihull tomorrow. We began with a lot of work on a loose rein in both directions which went well. We also trotted to loosen up and then went back to medium walk and some lateral work and halt transitions. Here I started to be difficult and refused to soften when in the halt and also stuck my nose in the air. When Dad tapped me behind I swished my tail and trotted on and was generally difficult.

Dad ignored this for a while and then made me repeat the halt until I started to co-operate and then gave me lots of pats and mints. We ran throught the test several times and finished off on a long rein and on good terms.

I went in and was massaged and put out to graze in my rain sheet whilst Dad got on with the stables. We came in at 5.00 and had out tails washed in readiness for tomorrow. Then we were groomed and given tea. I think Dad was surprised I was so irritable and grumpy, but even cobs aren't immune from off-days.


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