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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mats and upwards mobility

Dibby and I were schooled this morning. Dad warmed me up on a long rein and with trotting and we did our usual softening exercises including leg yield and shoulder in with some maneouvring around the fences. I was in a more co-operative mood than yesterday. I tried Prelim 18 a few times and Dad was pleased, other than my transition for the second canter on the right rein. We need to work on starting off on the correct leg. We did a lot of walking and trotting around together which was fun and came in to be sponged down and given an apple.

After the afternoon grazing we came in at 5.15. Other Dad had bought Dibby a new rubber mat to relieve the hardness and coldness of the surface in front of his haylage net. If Dibby takes to it they will get him an extra one and two new ones for me. I've never had rubber matting before; cobs like to be upwardly mobile


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