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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More schooling for me

Other Dad was busy with shopping this morning, so whilst Dad took me in the school, Dibby was put out to graze. I guess its one of the advantages of being so well schooled. I shall just have to keep plugging away.

Anyway, we loosened up with lots of work on a long rein making shapes around the fences still out in the school, sometimes turning tight circles around them and in and out to make me more flexible.

We did some loosening up trot and then went back to lateral work in medium walk. We ran through the Walk and Trot test once and finished off with some canter on both reins around the whole arena - rather than just the area marked out for a test. Dad was pleased with me this morning and we went in for an apple, mints and grooming.

I was put in my bright mauve rain sheet and joined Dibby in the field for the afternoon. Dad came after 4.00 to put down our beds and brought us in when the rain grew heavy. We were groomed, had eucalyptus oil applied to our hooves and were put in our stable rugs in time for tea. A cob appreciates being so well taken care of, but sadly behaving well and trying quite hard aren't reflected in my my dressage scores.


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