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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Reading minds

Richard the farrier was due today and Dad arrived before 9.00 hoping we could be shod and put out to graze and that he could get away early. As it happens, we were put back and so plans changed.

Fortuntely my tack was in the car and so Dad swapped my hanging snaffle for a pinchless snaffle bit, tacked me up and took me in the school for forty mintues or so.

It was quite blustery but dry. I was quite calm and well-mannered. We did a lot of work in walk practising roundness and softness and walking forward into the bit. We did some lateral work about the whole school, shoulder-in and leg yield with halt transitions and did go up in to trot. Dad was pleased that I took the bit down and practised being as gentle as practically possible with my mouth. He used the work in walk to practice breathing, staight back, leg and heel position, soft eyes, relaxed shoulders, hands forward when possible and maintaining a consistent contact.

Dad thought it would be interesting to see how long I remained this co-operative with this bit. Previously I had tired of it and ceased to play ball after a while. Anyway, on the positive side, today's unplanned schooling had been pleasant and relaxing and had gone well.

We came in and Dad had time to give me a good massage on my weaker right side and started on Dibby's stable. When Dibby was shod he was put in his lightweight rug and out to graze and I was then passed on to the farrier. When my shoeing was completed Dad applied Tecsin to my hooves - as he had to Dibby's- and put me out to graze for the afternoon.

Dad brought us in at 4.00 to be groomed and fed. With various things going on today, he was tense and depressed. He carried on jollying Dibby and me along. He's obviously read in one of those books of his that his moods communicate to us and thinks we don't notice when he's upset. Nice try but no cigar, this time. Cobs may not be overly demonstrative but they know exactly what's going on inside your head.


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