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Friday, November 03, 2006

Dancing with David

A bright blue end to the week. Last night had been cold at 2 degrees or so below. Because of this and our clips Dibby and I had been put in heavier stable rugs and were quite warm enough.

Dad took me in the school at about 10.30. He had prepared a tape including music from shows such as Mack and Mable, Me and My Girl, Gypsy and Chicago for us to school to. He put the tape in a walkman and attached two small holiday speakers. It wasn't too loud but was fine for our purposes working on a 40 x 20 area.

We worked mainly in walk and trot with only a little canter. It was fun regulating our work to suit certain tempos and seeing if tunes fitted my paces. Certain of the pieces suited my way of going better: All that Jazz and Mr Cellophane from Chicago, Side by Side from Company, You'll Never get Away from Me from Gypsy and Every Breath you Take not surprisingly by Puff Daddy. We practised dancing for an hour or so, with Dibby joining in and then went for a walk around the field in the sunshine.

We spent the afternoon grazing and came in at 5.00 for grooming and tea. We may not be up to Bonfire's standard, but cobs do like to have a go.


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