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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Avoiding confrontation

The morning was clear and cool with a blue sky. We went in the school alone for thirty minutes or so and worked in walk. Dad was focussing on using gentler and more subtle rein aids and trying to get me to relax and take the contact forward and down. This worked quite well - in our terms, anyway.

Dad was also able to work on his position, breathing and relaxation whilst keeping his back straight, stomach in, shoulders back, legs stretched, hands up and forward and heels down. We did some good work and came in.

Dibby and I spent the afternoon out until 4.30 or so. Dad and I aren't really clear if any of this will translate into dressage tests, but is certainly a more pleasant way of riding for us both with much less tension or confrontation. Cobs can manage quite well without confrontation.


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