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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dancing on Bonfire Night

We made a fairly early start for a Sunday and were in the school for 10.00. Dad played the tape again and we schooled to music, doing much more trot than usual. He was pleased with my roundness, relaxation and application and thinks schooling to music is very beneficial.

We were joined by Other Dad on Dibby and had fun working in a 20 metre circle and 20 x 40 shape together.

We spent the afternoon out and came in at about 4.00. Since it was Bonfire Night Dad came back at 8.30 or so to check we were OK and had not been upset by the noise. We were fine. He skipped us out and topped up our haylage to carry us through to our 10.00 net. We also had an apple and some minties. Cobs prefer to ignore annual rituals like Guy Fawkes Night unless they involve guaranteed treats.


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