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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Both Dads came at 8.30 and put Dibby and me out to graze in our rugs. They prepared our stables and left fresh haylage and water before driving off to Catherton Common above Cleobury Mortimer in Shropshire to visit Dibby's previous owners Jo and Chris.

They walked on the common with Jo and Chris and their dogs and and visited Chris's eventer Sparky and Jo's new cob Johnson. Johnson is a lovely seven year old cob - black with a wide blaise and four white socks like me.

They had a pleasant lunch and were able to look at a video of Johnson schooling and this year's album of Dibby and me.

Becky brought us in in the afternoon and gave us our tea but Other Dad came down in the evening to see we were Ok. He skipped us out and gave us some apples, carrots and minties; so everyone was a winner. Cobs prefer win-win solutions


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