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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Schooling whilst the sun shines

Today was cold and dry with a blue sky. We were put out to graze at 10.00 or so when the frost had moderated a little. Leo was back in our field with me, Dibby, Cricket and the Shetlands.

Dad got on with the stables and went home. The pipes were frozen and he couldn't change our water until later and the melting frost was dripping onto our stables and so he left putting down our beds until later too.

Rob, the vet came to see Dibby at 2.00. He was walked and trotted up and given flexion tests. Then Other Dad walked, trotted and cantered him on both reins in the school whilst Rob watched. Dibby was still uncomfortable in the off-hind where his hock was sore and snatched in trot and particularly on circles. Rob advised that we continue with Danilon, reduce Dibby's weight and increase his hacking. He shouldn't compete and put pressure on the hock. He wanted to reassess the situation when Halina next examined Dibby in early April.

Dibby rejoined me in the field for an hour and then we came in at 4.15. Unusually, Dad then tacked me up and took me in the school for forty five minutes. We worked in walk, trot and a little canter and concentrated on roundness and straightness. Dad was pleased that going large I was taking the bit down and foward by the end of the session and moving well from behind.

We came in before it was dark. I was put in my stable rug and Dibby and I were given tea with extra apples and carrots. Dad explained he was keen to get some work in today since quite a heavy snow was forecast for tomorrow. Cobs understand what it means to school while the sun shines.


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