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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow time

As forecast, we woke up to five or six inches of snow. We stayed in our stable with a haylage net in the morning and both Dads came at noon and put us in our rugs and out in our field.

We charged around for a while and then they brought Cricket, Leo and the Shetlands in. We pottered around whilst our stables were prepared and, after an hour , I was ready to come in and stood by the gate. As ever Dibby carried on trying to graze.

When our stables were ready by about 2.00, we were brought in and groomed and put in our stable rugs and back in our stables. We had fresh water and haylage and a sort of mini-lunch, so it was nicer than being out in the snow.

Dad came back at 4.30 and skipped us out, topped up our haylage and gave us tea. Snow is fun to play in for a while, but cobs prefer proper grazing weather.


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