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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Enough for any cob

Another Spring-like day. Dibby and I were put out at 9.00. After a relaxing morning grazing, we were brought in at 1.00.

Other Dad had arranged to go out for a hack with Kate on Tod, Debbie on Tesco and Becky riding Patch. They rode over to Hay Wood and had a good time. Dibby enjoyed it enormously, particularly when he was at the front of the line.

After he had finished putting down our beds, Dad took me in the school . We worked much as we had done yesterday. We spent a lot of time in front of the new mirrors to get me fully used to them. We did lots of active trot with a transition down to walk along the mirror. I still wanted a closer look at my reflection.

We did a little more canter today on both reins and Dad was quite pleased with the session. We came in at about the time the hack returned.

Dad gave me an apple and minties and a massage and groom. We then had tea with extra carrots and apples. Another mixed and active day without rain: enough for any cob in March.


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