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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blustery in spots

Another unpleasant day with wind and rain. We stayed in our stables until 11.30 when Both Dads came to take Dibby and me in the school. Dad tried to school in walk and trot but the wind was very strong and at one point a fence behind me blew over, which made me a bit upset. Dad thought the session wasn't much fun for either of us and that it would be best to give up for today and took me indoors.

Whilst grooming me he noticed some spots on my neck below my mane. He washed the area with Hibiscrub and rinsed it and put me out for the afternoon in my rug at 1.00. We stayed out until 4.00 and thus had an hour less than our permitted four.

I was standing by the gate when Dad came and was pleased to come in. With the blustery wind under my tail, I shied a bit on the way in which was fun. Dad groomed me and put some Dermoline on my neck. If it's not improved tomorrow he will shampoo the affected area with Malaseb. Cobs have a surprising knowledge of proprietory brands.


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