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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Making the most of today

Saturday morning was dry and sunny with a blue sky and so Both Dads took Dibby and me in the school. We did a lot of relaxing walk together going large and moved up to rising and sitting trot with a lot of transitions. It was pleasant to school together without taking it too seriously. After some fun we came in to be groomed and put out to graze.

We went out at 12.45 or so and came in at 4.15. Dad spotted quite a big overreach on my near hind coronet. It had been sliced quite badly but was not in a fleshy part and had not bled. After he had bathed it with Hibiscrub and checked it wasn't sore he applied some purple spray as a safeguard and put me in my stable for tea. The weather forecast is rainy for tomorrow, so we were pleased to have made the most of today.That's rather a motto for cobs.


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