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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Relishing the vernal

Making the most of a dry and sunny morning,we went in the school for an hour at 11.30. We continued to practice in walk and trot with plenty of lateral work and transitions.

The mirrors are now installed on three sides at the bottom of the arena and Dad made sure we practiced a lot in front of them. I didn't shy. I liked looking at myself and once or twice tried to stop for a closer inspection.

Initially Dad found me rather stiff and resistant this morning, but we kept working away and I softened eventually. We did some good walk and trot with my head in the right position and my hind legs under me. As has so often been the case though, it's a matter of some days making three steps forward and on others two steps back, so it doesn't do to get over-excited either way. Dad says you have to get something out of the journey since it's not clear whether we will get to the terminus, let alone get a prize for reaching it.

We came in and I was groomed and put in my lightweight rain sheet. I joined Dibby in the field. He had been out since 12.30 or so. The afternoon was pleasant in the paddock with the Shetlands in the sunshine -and still lots of mud, unfortunately.

We came in at 4.30 after what felt like a Spring day. Cobs relish the vernal.


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