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Friday, March 02, 2007

A little peace

It was more like a spring morning today - dry with some sun and a blue sky. Dad took me in the school whilst Dibbs and Other Dad hacked down the road. Dad warmed me up in walk and trot but found me a little stuffy. I was obedient but sluggish. He carried on with lots of halt transitions and lateral work, shapes and circles plus going large and I softened and went on the bit and went forward a little better. We eventually did some good walk, trot and canter and came in.

It was reasonably quiet on the yard and Dad gave me a massage with some Tellington touches and a good groom. This relaxed me quite well and I was put out to graze in my blue new zealand with Dibbs.

Rob, the vet came to see Leo in the afternoon and delivered some Danilon and joint supplement for Dibbs. We went out at 1.15 amd came inat 4.45, so had less than our permitted turn out. I was edgy standing outside my stable when it was busy later on and was pleased to be groomed and put in my rug in my stable in time for for tea. Cobs like a little peace sometimes.


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