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Saturday, March 31, 2007


A brighter day. Dad took me in the school at 11.30 or so, whilst Dibbs went out to graze.

We warmed up in walk and trot with some halt transitions and lateral work mainly on a twenty metre circle and oblong shape. The school was quite busy with Little Bailey having a lesson in front of the mirrors and Ted schooling nearby.

Dad tried some shoulder-in and leg-yield and to get my hind legs under me. Like yesterday, my neck and jaw softened after a while and I worked on the bit - although my nose was pointing out more than Dad wanted from time to time and it's something we will be working on. We finished off on quite a good note with some controlled walking on the bit and reasonable halt - walk and walk - trot transitions.

On coming in, I was put in my rain sheet since it was quite cool in the wind and went out to graze at 1.00. We came in for grooming and tea at 4.30. With schooling and two stables, Dad had found it a tiring day. I took it in my stride; cobs are tough like that.


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