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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Another dry and sunny day. Dad took me in the school at abot 11.30 .We practised mainly in walk as we had done yesterday with some trot and only a little canter. I softened my neck and jaw quite well and Dad's steering with just his legs improved but we both felt subdued and under par and stopped after forty minutes.

Other Dad took Dibby down the road for a brief hack after warming up in the school.

Dad spoke to Rob the vet when he called at the yard about reducing Dibby's turn-out in view of his weight. Other Dad is trying to get an extra-large muzzle for him and Both Dads are anxious about how long this is taking and any consequences in the meantime. Spring should be an optimistic time, not like this; it's all very lowering. Cobs notice these things.


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