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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

School day

To make sure we didn't have too much Spring grass, we were kept in our stables until 11.30. Then Dad took me in the school and Other Dad took Dibby on a hack with Caroline on Leo.

The morning was dry and warm but overcast. We worked mostly at the top end of the school in front of the mirrors whilst the rest was used for jumping.

We worked mostly in walk so that Dad could practice use of the legs instead of the hands to steer and his position - straight back, legs and heels down, breathing, relaxed shoulders and hands low-ish and a bit's width apart. We added some leg- yield and shoulder-in with transitions to halt and up to trot.

I softened in the neck and jaw quite well today and Dad was pleased as we finished with walk on a long rein.

We went out for the afternoon at about 2.00 and came in at 4.45 for grooming and tea. Other Dad came back at 7.30 and put us in our stable rugs. Cobs enjoy a workmanlike day.


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