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Thursday, April 12, 2007


More fine Spring weather. We spent most of the morning in our stables to avoid too much rich grass.

Dad took me in the school at about 11.30. We worked in walk and trot as we had for the last few days and my neck and jaw loosened well - but neither quickly nor consistently.

Dibby joined us after twenty minutes or so and we walked, trotted and did lateral work together for a further twenty minutes. I went in whilst Other Dad took Dibby down the road for a quick hack.

Once inside Dad gave me a massage and a groom and put me out to graze without a rug for the afternoon. Dibbs joined me shortly.

We came in at 4.00 for more grooming and tea. Our hours in the field should be extended as soon as Dibby's new grass muzzle is collected and fitted. Cobs cope with the prosaic.


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