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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Perky interlude

A much cooler dry but grey morning. We were put out to graze at 9.00 or so and came in when Halina arrived at 1.00.

Halina treated Dibby first whilst I stayed in my stable. She said he showed improvement since her last visit and was slightly looser. He reacted well to the treatment and didn't tense up too much.

Then it was my turn. Halina also said I had improved, particularly on my underdeveloped right- hand side. I still had tenderness on my hind quarters where the pelvis had rotated and Halina showed Dad where and how to massage in this area, as well as on both flanks and the inner thigh as before.

Halina will come back to treat Dibby in three months and me in six.

We then went back in the field whilst Dad finished off our stables and came in at about 3.30. As we left our field Jack started running around in the next paddock behind me and Amy came out to bring him in. This together with the blustery wind set me off and I whizzed around Dad setting him off like a top and pulling him around one of the parked cars. After this perky interlude, I sort of cantered into the building with Dad on the end of my lead rope. Dad coped without assistance but was relieved to tie me up outside my stable. All a day's work for a lively cob.


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