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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Small break from routine

A dry and sunny Sunday with quite a cool wind. Since we had just been clipped, we went out in our lightweight rugs at 11.30 and spent a quiet four hours grazing until 3.30.

On coming in Dad finished off our stables and took me in the school for half an hour whilst Dibby went on a hack. I would like to go out on the roads with Dibby but Dad found I didn't really relax with the busy lanes around the yard. When we were at Claverdon we could pay to hack around the farm next door and have a canter around the field verges but that isn't available now and so we make the most of our chances.

We schooled in the company of Boo, Leah and Red and worked in walk, trot and canter with some lateral work and transitions. We even ran through most of Prelim 1 with a quite exciting canter in the wind. Dad says we will refurn to that soon - hopefully tomorrow.

We came in to be groomed and have tea. A quick schooling session late-on was a break from our normal routine; cobs can cope with occasional breaks from routine.


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