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Monday, April 02, 2007

The pleasures of mutual grooming

A dry and sunny start to the week and about the best day so far this year. We went out to graze at 11.30 without rugs. As the pictures show, we got down to some serious mutual grooming straight away -after all those months rugged-up.

After some proper spring weather, we came in at 3.30 and were groomed and tacked-up to go in the school.

Since we had only just come in, Both Dads kept it down to walk and trot. We worked around the school together with halt transitions, medium walk, shoulder-in and leg yield and sitting and rising trot. It was very pleasant in a cool wind. We finished off working alone for fifteen minutes and came in for grooming and tea with extra apples. Dibby and I enjoy a mutual groom; cobs are prone to itches and are very tactile.


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