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Monday, May 21, 2007

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Other Dad came early and topped up our haylage and Both Dads returned to ride at 11.30. Dibby went for a hack and we went in the school as usual. I was a little on edge this morning and tried not to concentrate and resist a little. We worked through it and did a lot of work in walk and a little trot and canter concentrating on softness, contact, straightness and generally tidying up Dad's riding. By the end of the session we had covered what Dad wanted and came in for an apple and some minties.

I went out to graze without a rug and Dibby joined me after half an hour. We enjoyed the afternon out and Dibby managed to dispence with his muzzle. We came in at 5.00 after what the Small Faces described as a Lazy Sunday Afternoon. Cobs have a surprising knowledge of popular beat combos of the 1960s.


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