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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Inordinately fond

Thursday morning was overcast and showery and, as forecast, humid. We stayed in until the rain had abated and Dad took me in the school at about noon.

Today we worked on a 60 x 40 size area since there was no-one else in the school . We warmed up in walk and trot on both reins, added some lateral work and and walk-halt transitions and a few twenty metre circles in canter,

We then practiced the whole of Prelim 17. Other Dad watched one and said the entry as nice and straight, the canter transitions crisper and the shapes OK. we need to work on softness and roundness in trot and the downward transitions so as not to go too much on the forehand. We fitted in forty five minutes or so before the rain resumed and were quite pleased with the sesssion.

I joined Dibby in the field for the afternoon. We stayed out until 4.30. Dad brought us in and hosed our hooves before grooming and tea. We enjoyed some extra minties of which it could be said that even senior cobs are inordinately fond.


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