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Friday, May 11, 2007


The rainy weather continued. Dibby was on box rest today following his hock injections. Dad came and put me out to graze at 11.00. I squeaked and cantered off after my minty since it was another day off. My rain sheet was still damp and so Dad had put me in Dibby's since he was staying in. The picture shows me on another day in my rug...all very confusing.

Dad kept Dibby company for most of the morning whilst he attended to both stables. After a quick lunch Both Dads returned and brought me in. Shortly afterwards it began to rain very heavily and Dad decided against riding in the school.

They let Dibby and me do some mutual grooming over the stable door again before grooming and tea. Dad took Dibby's bandages off, which made him feel a little more comfortable and Other Dad came back later in the evening to check Dibby was OK. He skipped us both out and gave us some minties. It will be good to go out to graze with Dibby again tomorrow. Cobs get very attached.


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