The unspoiled world of senior cobs, David and Master Dibble

Location: United Kingdom

Monday, May 14, 2007


The unsettled weather continued with heavy rain overnight and during the morning. Other Dad came early and put us out to graze in our rain sheets. Dibby and I were pleased and cantered away to the other end of the field.

We came in at 4.00 and were groomed and tacked up to go in the school. By now it was sunny and quite breezy.

We shared the school with Leah being lunged, Tom and Kamara. We worked alone for most of the time warming up in walk and trot with some lateral work, sitting trot, twenty metre circles and canter. Dibby cantered around with Tom and Kamara on a big circle but I Dad didn't let me join in and we did our own canter circles instead. Dibby and I finished off together walking around the arena and came in for grooming and tea. We worked around the rain today; cobs are flexible like that.


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