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Thursday, May 10, 2007


A funny sort of day. We stayed in our stables as usual as the day began. It rained on and off.

Richard, the farrier came at 10.30 and shod Dibby first. Then it was my turn.

Once Dibby had been shod, Rob the vet arrived and examined Dibby. He then gave him a sedative and clipped patches on his hocks and sterilised both areas. He injected some local anaesthetic and then injected both hocks again and bandaged the hocks. I watched this as I was shod and could see Dibby was very brave.

I went out for the afternoon with Cricket since Dibby had to have two days box rest.
Dad brought me in at 4.00. When I saw Dibby we both whinnied. I was allowed to stand outside Dibby's stable and we did mutual grooming over the door whilst my stable was prepared. Then it was time for grooming and tea.

Other Dad came down later in the evening to check Dibby's bandages and skip us out. It's better to go out together. Cobs are very loyal -especially to senior cobs like Dibby.


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