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Sunday, May 13, 2007

All-weather grazing

Sunday morning was grey and overcast. Both Dads came at 11.00 and took Dibby and me in the school. It had aleady started to drizzle with rain and we practised in walk, trot and canter with lateral work and transitions alone and then going large together around the school.

Dad practised straightness, sitting up, breathing, use of legs and hand position -bit width apart. I still wore the staight bar snaffle borrowed from Liz and Dad was pleased with my mouthing and softness. It still was nowhere near, consistent but was moving in the right direction.

The rain grew more intense and after forty minutes or so we came in.

We were dried off and put in our lightweight sheets and put out to graze for the afternoon until 4.30. The rain had continued heavily since about noon and we were glad to be dried off and given tea. When it rained hardest we just turned our bottoms to the wind and carried on eating the grass. Cobs are accomplished all-weather grazers.


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