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Thursday, May 03, 2007


The morning was greyer than recently, but the sun increased as the day wore on. We were put out to graze in the morning and had a pleasant day out.

As we were getting ready to come in Pheonix managed to get ito Izzy's adjoining paddock in the field. She ran around but no harm was done and the mares were soon separated without any injuries. Dad hopes she won't get into our part of the field.

Dad had moved our water tubs in the field away from the electric fencing and mares, but still didn't seem me drink outside. When I came in I drank about half a bucket of water straight off -less than yesterday.

I was tacked up and taken in the school for forty minutes. It was sunny but with a pleasant cool breeze. We worked in walk and sitting trot with a little rising. We added some walk on a long rein and leg-yield along the quarter line and into and out of a circle. We also worked on canter on both reins, which went well. Dad was pleased with my obedience and relaxation. I was on the bit for a good time. Hopefully now we can set up a long arena and practice Prelim 17.

We came in and I was hosed down and groomed before tea. The schooling went well but on the whole I prefer to exercise in the morning. Still, cobs like to oblige where possible.


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