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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


The weather was forecast to deteriorate this afternon and so we were schooled this morning. Dad took me in first and we warmed up to music on a long rein and then in medium walk with leg-yield and trot on a twenty metre circle and large.

The surface was a little deep before the rain and we didn't canter much today. Dibby joined us and we walked and trotted around together and generally relaxed. Then I came in to be groomed and put out to graze whilst Dibby hacked down the lane and back.

We spent the afternoon grazing without rugs. It rained a little but was quite warm.

We came in at 4.30 and were towelled off, groomed and put in our sweat rugs - Dibby in red and me in blue. I watched Dad put down my bed and had the odd minty. It's a nice time of day after time out in the field. Other Dad came down later and changed us out of our sweat rugs. It's a strange time: April was like May and now May is an impression of April. Cobs notice these things.


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